The Association of Scottish Muslims recognises the valuable contribution that can be made by representatives of faith and belief groups, and we are pleased to announce that the association has developed a Muslim chaplaincy/spiritual care team to cater for the needs of the community & organisations.

The chaplains will have a role with regards to the welfare of people, particularly in times of crisis, and they will also be involved in awareness training in Islam, lecturing, debates and forums.


The Team recognises the valuable contribution that can be made to the life of a school college and university student by representatives of faith and belief groups.

ASM chaplains do have a role to play with regards to the welfare of students and staff, particularly in times of crisis, and also are happy be involved from time to time in the RME curriculum, school assemblies, debates and forums.

The primary role of the school chaplain is to introduce students and staff to the religion Islam. He or she works closely with all members of staff in carrying out this responsibility. This role is wide and varied, ranging from organising retreats / prayer exercises for students, meeting students on an individual basis to taking an active part in all areas of school life.


The team provides a domestic chaplain to a noble household in order to grant the family a degree of self-sufficiency in religion. The team also performs wedding and funeral ceremonies. Our domestic chaplains also provide tutoring children and providing counsel to the family on matters broader than religion.

Health Care

ASM chaplains are normally sent to hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, our chaplains assist with the spiritual needs of patients, families and staff. Chaplains are often employed at senior citizen facilities and retirement homes as well, partially because of the problems many of the residents experience with travelling outside of those institutions.


The law demands that prisoners have access to a imam of their chosen faith, so the Association of Scottish Muslims has put together prison chaplaincy teams. In reality prison chaplains or Imams perform a much wider pastoral role. Some tasks are easy to define, such as visiting prisoners who are ill or are confined to their cell and ensuring that new or transferred prisoners receive a chaplain visit within 24 hours of arriving in prison. Others are less definable such as providing an external, ‘neutral’ presence around the prison, which is not part of the prison structure. Our Chaplaincy team members provide care and support for prisoners’ individual problems arising from issues such as family problems, bereavement, bullying or self-harm.


ASM Chaplains regularly visit the department for personal contact with law enforcement personnel and staff. Chaplains provide guidance and confidential counselling for personal, family, and job-related problems to both sworn and civilian personnel, their families and others. They refer those in need of professional help to qualified counselors. Chaplains assist families of officers/staff personnel/victims in times of serious injury, illness or death. They respond immediately to emergency situations involving departmental personnel and victims. Chaplains maintain an updated list of spiritual and social service providers, to whom they refer departmental personnel, victims, and their families.


Our chaplains can and are providing chaplains in many other areas of society aswell.If you require a chaplain or would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.